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The direct traffic flow between Europe and Asia is projected to grow over 200% in the next 5 years. 


Arctic Connect 2020 is an optic fibre sea cable initiative between Europe and Asia, through the Northeast Passage, with a potential to connect to the North American network.


This data highway will provide state-of-the-art optic fibre infrastructure with reliability, capacity and is to be the shortest route to for traffic between Asia and Europe. (Southern route via Suez Cannel: 20 750 km vs. the North-East passage: 13 602km)


Arctic Connect will provide access to markets in Asia, Europe and North America; connects businesses; enables collaboration, innovation and communication between countries, and ultimately drive the global market towards growth.


Northern Norway is strategically positioned between Europe, Asia and North America; suddenly at market doorsteps, as an ideal location for datacentres.


regional network bbft.png


Troms county government has been investing in building a robust regional fibre network since 2003. The current fibre backbone provides redundancy and dark fibre capacity for public services in the region. The mission for Troms county government to deliver state-of-the-art infrastructure; continue to connect and build for the future demand. This network covers northern Norway, Finland, Sweden and Northern Europe. As a member of EasyFiber, staying connected can not be easier. 

Fibre Optics


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