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Norway - powered by nature

Abundance of renewable energy at a low price

As Europe's biggest hydropower producer, Norwegian electricity is 99,7% renewable and 99,99% reliable.

Norway continuously produces green energy through hydropower and committing to do so to secure future renewable energy sources. The joint Norwegian-Swedish electricity certificate scheme is intended to boost renewable electricity production in both countries. The goal is to increase electricity production based on renewable energy sources by 26.4 TWh by 2020.

Northern Norway is formed by rough summits and rounded rock formations, which is perfect for generating hydropower. Electricity prices are 22% less in Northern Norway compare to the rest of the EU. Get your electricity from where it is generated; Troms - probably the best location to datacentre!

The most redundant network in the Arctic 

Stay connected 

Troms county government has been investing in building a robust regional fibre network since 2003. The current fibre backbone provides redundancy and dark fibre capacity for public services in the region.


The network covers northern Norway, Finland, Sweden and Northern Europe and as a member of Easy Fibre, staying connected can not be easier. Learn more about our network.

Keeping it cool naturally 

There is plenty of clean and cold air for cooling down your servers here in the North. It is sustainable and free! Thanks to the Gulf stream that passes Troms and warms up the Norwegian coast, the climate here in Troms is stable and not too cold.


The coldest average in January is -4°C. During this the polar nights of December and January, the sun stays below the horizon. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 12°C. The midnight sun shines 24/7 in June and July.


Safety and Stability 

Open democracy, diplomacy, peace

The Norwegian economy and financially situation is exceptionally good. The oil is a main factor to thank. The stable economy give the government possibilities to run Norway without any large changes, dues secure investments done in Norway. As an indirect member of the European Union, all laws applicable in the EU are also applicable in Norway. Is it easy and safe to do business in Norway.

Norway imposes a rate of 25% tax on ordinary income. The Norwegian Government proposes electricity tax at a reduced rate of 0.0048 NOK per kWh for companies with data storage as main business and outlets over 5 MW.


The government is continuously working to make sure that Norway offers competitive conditions for data centre industry. Read more about the latest National Data Center Strategy. 

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