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Electricity Station


Norway - powered by nature!


As Europe's biggest hydropower producer, Norwegian electricity is 99,7% renewable and 99,99% reliable.


In 2014, Norway produced close to 142 TWh of electricity, of which 136 TWh was by hydropower, 2,2 TWh by wind power and 3,6 TWh by thermal power plants.


Northern Norway is formed by rough summits and rounded rock formations, which is perfect for generating hydropower. With the recent Statnett system upgrade, power is traded to the Node Pool Spot, the largest energy market in Europe, to guarantee the delivery of secure and efficient power markets.


Electricity prices are 22% less in Northern Norway compare to the rest of the EU. The Government proposes that companies with data storage as main business and outlets over 5 MW be subjected to a tax on electric power at a reduced rate of 0.0048 NOK/kWh in the country. Norway - probably the best datacentre location.


Save electricity cost


In Troms, the cost of electricity for 10 years at 100MW is 221,72 million Euro. That is 43 million Euro savings over 10 years as supposed to operate in Germany. That is 4 million Euros of savings every year!


By using cold air to cool down the servers, it is free, sustainable and cost saving on the electricity bills. Norway - probably the best datacentre location.

Forecast of electricity price to 2028

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