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Harstad municipality
Private property of Eiendomsselskapet BRT AS


Flat, levelled site with high-quality granite on site


Zoning and construction permit is ongoing with consideration for hyperscale datacenters. 


Sites are has a total area of 62.5 Ha.

Building phase 1: 26 Ha

Building phase 2: 16 Ha

Building phase 3: 20.5 Ha


with the opportunity to an expansion. 


100% renewable energy from hydropower. The site can deliver up to 132kv, 250MW with N-1. Power is delivered by HålogalandsKraft AS and can deliver connection within 48 months from order/investment decision.


Redundant dark fiber delivered by Bredbåndsfylket Troms, Broadnet, Telenor


Potential for up to 4 independent routes out of the location


12months of fresh air cooling
Average low: -7.2°C
Average high: 5.2°C

SITE ACCESS (driving time)

4 km to Harstad 

75 km to Narvik (1hr10min)

45 km to Evenes Airport (40min)

257 km to Tromsø (3hr40min)

260 km to Kiruna, Sweden (3hr30min)

By plane
Evenes Airport to Oslo - 1.5 hr
Tromsø Airport to Oslo - 2 hr


Location is 200-300 m from water supply. Up to 50 l/s of filtered river water available for cooling. No apparent cultural heritage or archaeological sites are recorded.

Langmoan and the coast line

Langmoan and the coast line

Ready to build industry regulated area

Langmoan with road access

Langmoan with road access

Langmoan with close energy access

Langmoan with close energy access

High voltage powerline is located South-east of the lot

Good building conditions in Langmoan

Good building conditions in Langmoan

Langmoan fiber map

Langmoan fiber map

Fiber availability in the area



Harstad Municipality


Large industry area along the coast. Stone-throw away from Harstad centre with the local industry of oil and gas and good transport connection. 

Bjørn Rasch-Tellefsen

Project leader - BRT
tlf: +47 9132 5195

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